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Professional Credits



Etruscan Smile (Feature Film) - Background Talent, Directors: Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis

Dreamed Vengeance - Supporting Cast, Director: Jason Tong

The Girl in the Woods by BellaNoir Films - Background Talent , Director: Sebastian Sdaigui

My Sunshine - Background Talent Chinese Feature film

NTV: The World's Astonishing News! - Principal Actress, Director Duo Creative Communications



Square App (Training Video) - Background Talent , Director: 4spfilms

Credit Sesame Principal Talent

Yammer (promotion video) - Background Talent , Director: Tim Rayel Bodega Studios

Open Table (Commerical) - Background Talent

Lunex Calling Cards - Principal Actress , Director: ABS-CBN



"Adoption" (Bejing TV Series) - Background Talent , Director: Enmaze Pictures

World's Most Astonishing News! (Japan TV Series) - Actress , Director: Duo Creative Communications



"Clock in" music video - Principal Model , Video Director: Redwall Studio

Glam Jam Magazine - Print Model

Inline Performance Magazine - Print Model , Director: Alex Leigh

"You" music video - Principal Model, Video Director: Fly Commons - Product Model, Photographer: Modern Love Photography

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